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Hi everyone,

Autumn and I are starting a new site we have talked about before called Bondage Uprising. It's a work in progress but in a nutshell it's going to be a social site discussing the general BDSM community and you....and why you are perfectly ok in liking bondage :)

Topics will include obviously bondage but also we will be taking a deeper look into the submissive male and the Dominant female. What makes these people tick, what stereotypes do we need to overcome...what stories or questions you might have?

On that we would like for you to write to us at
Besides Autumn and I....I would also like to introduce Javan Knox. He is going to be our point man on the topic of submissive males, switches and the like. He's going to be our darling little secretary working the email and picking out interesting stories and questions you might send to us. I will request that if you write to us to please keep it pretty straight forward. What I mean is that this email will be only used for Bondage Uprising. If you have questions about the Sub Shop, this isn't the place for it. When you write, please put a clear topic in the subject line so we can organize it all easily. So come up with some thought provoking questions, observations, topic ideas and/or real life stories about bondage life and anything related.

The Sub Shop is still going strong and adding tons of new items everyday. And with new pics of our wonderful Autumn :)

There are two Yahoo Groups I would like to aim you towards as well:
Autumn's Sub Shop group

Bondage Uprising
These groups will feature pics we can't easily put up here and maybe talk about subjects that might not be appropriate to chat about here at the DA.

And of course...don't forget to vote for us at The Bondage Awards. You can vote once everyday, so pretty please vote for us.

0004fe8e-761a-6b1c-8c85-f2232c97008a 958 by bound-nicole-babe78

The Bondage Awards

Please vote for Autumn or myself in the following categories at the Bondage Awards:
Female Submissive: Nicole Kendall
Bondage Model: Autumn Le Fleur
Bondage Store: Autumn's Sub Shop
Bondage Gear: Autumn's Sub Shop
Bondage Writer: Nicole Kendall
Bondage Story: The Nylon Doll Trap



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To the Men out there: What is the most frustrating thing about being submissive? 

40 deviants said Not finding someone that appreciates it
22 deviants said People thinking I'm a wuss or such
21 deviants said Not being sure how I feel about it
15 deviants said Being with someone more submissive than I am
4 deviants said other (tell us, we would like to know)


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Eshettar Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hi there! It's been so very long that you probably won't remember me but I read "Madame Voleur" a few years ago and loved it to pieces. I said at the time, and it really does bear repeating, that your inimitable writing style combined with the utterly brilliant material you had to work with really made for one sizzling yarn. I was wondering if you've considered writing a sequel? If any thoughts along those lines have indeed crossed your mind then please don't hesitate to follow them!
bound-nicole-babe78 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I remember you :)
Madame Voleur was a lot of fun to write and the inspiration behind it was awesome. One day I might go back to the story and do a followup and if I do, I will make sure people know about it :)
On a related side note, if you have found joy in my writings, please take a moment to vote for me at the Bondage Awards. I have a link in my current journal :)
Eshettar Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
You do? Guess I'm a lot more memorable than I thought I was! Either that or you're just a very nice person!

I really hope your fingers will someday tingle with inspiration and you take to the keyboard once more to continue the legend of the bandit queen with nerves of cold steel, a heart of gold, the mind of a devilish schemer and the lovely face of an angel come down to Earth. It was that great. The big twist right at the very end hit me like a ton of bricks. I know you were loaning many of somebody else's well-established characters for the story, meaning you couldn't really make changes that would shake up the status quo in a gigantic way,  but I wanted so badly for Madame Voleur's to plan succeed that it was utterly devastating to be forced to watch the whole thing crumble like that!

My votes have been cast and, believe you me, they favoured not only you but Autumn as well. I'm behind you ladies 150%. By the way, I had to register for the site to take part. Thank my lucky stars I'm unmarried so there was no chance for my non-existent wife to walk by at that exact moment and glance over my shoulder to see what I was doing. Can you imagine? Oh and...Autumn Le Fleur? Does Autumn hail from France or is that simply the name by which she goes online? Inquiring minds want to know!
bound-nicole-babe78 Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
Well, I don't see too many names that start with "E" and that's part of the reason I remember. :)

Oh, I got an idea brewing. I always like to work it out in my mind before I write though.

Keep voting everyday :D

Nope, Autumn is a Francophile and loves France.
Eshettar Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
(By the by, I was joking about not wanting a hypothetical wife to know of my keen interest in bondage. If ever I'm to marry, the type of woman for me would have to be one who
loved me enough to take me as she found me.)
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